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As a community, we've come a long way since our infancy in 2011. What you'll find are carefully selected game functions which all tie in to give the ultimate experience. From tweaked mob rules to self-serve protections, your time spent at AusCraft will be worth it. We have risen from a small community of friends to one of the prime Australian Minecraft servers.

What Makes AusCraft Special?

Our server operators (named Musketeers) have over three years of experience running servers, and each were selected in order to perfect your stay. The result of this is our unique experience, only found on AusCraft.


With over 921 Billion blocks to play with (That's 30,000 blocks walk to the border from spawn), space is no issue. Find a serene valley in the wilderness, and settle down with no worry in the world. Still feel unsafe? Place down an iron block to be protected from everyone but your choosing. There are enough activities to keep you occupied throughout the time-based ranking system, allowing new concepts to sprout as you progress, producing even more absorbtion into the game.


Take all of those great ideas that you have from the Survival server, and let your creativity run free with over 102 Billion blocks of space at your disposal in an open freebuild environment. Protect your creation with the enhanced oreblocks from Survival, encompassing as much of your build as you so desire. Explore the corridors of art, structures and more as you experience the true creativity behind the Creative server.


We are always working on new servers, and enhancements to the current servers. Our Admin team will assist you throughout your journey, whichever path you decide to take. Want to help out? We are always accepting applicants to our multi-tiered Admin system, allowing younger players to help out where they can, while giving older players a higher position and a higher potential to shine.